Automotive Mechanical Tube

Nucor Tubular Products (NTP) focus is high quality welded steel tubing in carbon grades for automotive and other mechanical and structural applications. NTP produces rounds, squares, rectangles, ovals and other special welded shapes of automotive mechanical steel tubing. NTP is a proven supplier of induction heat treated tubes for automotive applications and are specialist in producing tubes for door intrusion beams (D.I.B). Our automotive mechanical tubing produces door impact tubes that protect passengers in Toyota, Honda, FCA, Subaru, and Nissan vehicles.

Key Products: Intrusion Beams, IP Cross Car Beams

Capability to produce a variety of shapes:

  • Ovals, squares, rectangles, specialty shapes
  • Seam Orientation Unit allows us to control weld seam location

ID flash control available for entire OD range

Mill length tubing available



ASTM A513, ASTM A500, JIS G3445 and G3472, SAE J2340, SAE J1392, SAE J526

Tubing specifications from all Automotive OEMs.

Door Beam Grades: STKM-NB150, SMNLBH20TK, STAM1470
Steels: Carbon grades 1006 to 1026

HSLA to 120 KSI min Yield – Dual Phase Steels

Galvanneal Coated (Higher minimums apply)