Sprinkler Pipe

ASTM A135/A795 fire protection sprinkler pipe is Nucor Tubular Products’ newest offering. Produced at our Trinity, Alabama location, in sizes 1.25″ NPS through 4″ NPS Schedule 7 and 1” NPS through 8” NPS Schedule 10. Our fire protection sprinkler pipe has a black coating to ensure a clean, corrosion-resistant surface.

In addition, all A135/A795 fire protection sprinkler pipe is coated with NTP MIC Guard. NTP MIC Guard is a specialty water-based waxy emulsion corrosion inhibitor and biostatic MIC Preventative for steel alone or in the presence of CPVC. NTP MIC Guard does not contain any raw materials or ingredients known to harm CPVC tubing and connections as proven through extensive laboratory testing. NTP MIC Guard is also FM and NSF Approved.


All Nucor A135/A795 fire protection sprinkler pipe is:

  • UL Listed (US and Canada) 1” NPS – 8” NPS
  • FM Approved 1” NPS – 8” NPS
  • NDT weld tested
  • ASTM A135 and A795 certified
  • Custom lengths available (minimum quantities required)
  • Stock lengths available for immediate shipment
  • Plain end or roll grooved
  • Black or bare coating
  • Complies with NFPA 13 and 14