Nucor Tubular Products galvanizes the full range of trade sizes in Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT), Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC), and Electrical Rigid Metal Conduit – Steel (ERMC-S or Rigid) with our Electrunite® EMT, IMC, and Galvite® Rigid products.

Nucor Tubular Products is the only conduit manufacturer in the United States to electrogalvanize EMT and IMC, resulting in protective zinc coatings that do not flake or chip when subjected to extreme stress. Electrogalvanizing also provides uniform galvanized protection to the entire tube—even the ends of the pipe commonly subject to exposure damage. Together, these features ensure smooth bends, consistent welds, and easy installs on the job site, minimizing time and money lost to replacing faulty product.

Nucor Tubular Product’s Galvite® is hot-dip galvanized inside and out. This results in a product that is durable, strong, and suitable for the harshest environmental conditions.

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